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The Le Gip Archive preserves the original designs, personal clothing, and ephemera of Le Gip's creative practice. Spanning almost four decades, and stored for another thirty in a Manhattan Mini Storage unit, this pristine collection records the relationships, experiences and aspirations of a man whose story defies categorization. 

The collection reveals Le Gip's sartorial habits and tastes. He often stored preferred combinations of garments, labeled with the name of the outfit.  One example is the outfit "Ballistic", a bicycle themed combination of gym shorts, silk knit athletic-inspired custom tee-shirts, a fashion forward bike helmet and printed sweatbands. Many suits and ties are also stored as named units, such as "Soile Green", a plaid silk Pierre Cardin sport coat.  

Cataloging the collection is an ongoing, process.  Portions of the collection are available online, with new entries published frequently. Keep up to date with our progress by visiting the online gallery or by following us on Instagram.



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